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Strengthen safety awareness,Build strong defense

In order to further strengthen safety management and avoid any kind of safety accidents, TMP held a security thematic meeting on January 8th, all cadres above the middle level participated. The meeting was presided over by the chairman.

On the meeting, the company's safety situation in 2017 was informed, and the key safety tasks in 2018 were arranged. It also held the signing ceremony of the 2018 safety target responsibility letter, all the participants made solemn safety commitments.

The chairman pointed out that the safety problems should be deliberate and re-evaluated in 2018, continue to strengthen safety awareness, to further improve the rules and regulations, standardize management, implement the responsibility to ensure the safety and achieve zero accident. Finally, the chairman requested every cadres to have a higher sense of responsibility, seriously think about the security commitments made, and put into action. Hope every employee in the company will be safe in 2018.

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