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Great Effort to Built New Presentation in Seventeen Eventful Years

----Warm Congratulations to Company’s 17th Anniversary Celebration and the 2015 Summer Games Closes Smoothly


It’s the 17th anniversary of the Establishment Day for Company on 6th June, in order to together celebrate the festive day, enrich staff cultural life, enhance staff cohesion and show staff charisma, after carefully planned and preparation, the company held the 17th anniversary celebration and the 2015 summer Games series of activities in third plant site on 6th June.

At 8:00 am on 6th June, the venue in third plant site decorated joyously and come out sound of joy from time to time, more than 230 people togethered here to celebrate the 17th anniversary of company’s establishment.

In the Morning, the agenda of the 17th anniversary celebrations includings: awarding for the outstanding essay winners of the company's 17th anniversary celebration, speeches of Deputy General Managers, speech of General Manager, performances, various departments donations for staff liberary, all departments staff took photos with leadership group in rostrum and other activities.

At the meeting, General manager Wang delivered a speech full of enthusiasm. First, he expressed his sincere thanks to the dedication of all company staff and the support from the staff’s family members. In the speech, he arranged the company's development history and divided the company's 17 years history into five phases, review the company's business, ups and downs hardships of the development process and the achievements. He pointed out that the company has formed a clear business strategy, improved corporate culture system and created a team identity with corporate culture in last 17 years, the development of company entered a mature stage. Since 2015, the company entered the fifth development stage, strategic planning at this stage is that rebuild a new modern in five years and then cultivate a mature product in 5--10 years. Through the management upgrade, the heritage construction of team make a good foundation for centennial modern, which is a major strategic concept of the company at this stage. The speech pointed out the future direction of the company for all the staff, encouraged the morale, stimulated the enthusiasm of all staff’s struggle.

Performances sectors, the staff from non-woven workshop sang the song " BBK" and expressed the best wishes for the company; Technology Department creat three and a half sentences by themselve, told the various departments rigorous, pragmatic, dedicated working style, fit the actual with funny humor words; General Manager’s Office gave the poetry recitation in good faith for the topic, calls for return of integrity, highlighting the company’s integrity value; International Business and Management Dept chorus the sing "We are family", expressed the staff’s love for modern family......After a variety of performances, morning activities all finished after all departments staff took photos with leadership group in rostrum.

Afternoon games includings: tug of war, table tennis, badminton and others total seven entries, more than 170 people joined contestants. After fierce competition, a total of 10 top team awards, six individual awards, a total of 64 person-time winning awards. The company’s 17th anniversary celebration and the 2015 Summer Games successfully concluded at 17:00 pm.

The event is a summary of the past, the outlook to the future, and strength cohesion, also an important milestone in the company development process. 17 years development accumulation lay a solid foundation for centennial modern dream. The modern staff who are full of passion will bound to this event as an opportunity, strengthening cohesion, make persistent efforts, struggle to rebuild a new modern dreams in next decade.

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