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Establish self-confidence on Strategy, Culture and Management for establishment of TMP Group

The abstract of Mr. Wang Xuewen’s speech at technical conference on Oct 14th

Mr. Wang Xuewen analyzed the present situation of TMP management and asked all TMP members to establish self-conference, improve self cultivation for establishing of TMP Group.

1. Analysis on the status of TMP present management

With the development of society, TMP faces the huge pressure of cost increase. In the negative factors, we have to understand the situation, study the strategy through innovation on management and technology to hedge the cost increase.

1.1 To take effective measure to continuously promote detailed management. Improving the details management level could eliminate the losses caused by extensive management, improve the management efficiency and overall performance.

1.2 To promote technology innovation and overall improve the products’ competitiveness. Enhance the technology level, improve labor productivity and production capacity of single machine and reduce energy consumption. Resolving wage costs and reducing the labor cost though technical innovation to achieve downsizing.

2. Establishing self-confidence, improve self cultivation to achieve strategic target.

2. 1Self-confidence establishing

Self-confidence on strategic, cultural and management is impregnable for TMP tob e in an invulnerable position.

Strategic determines success or failure. To establish the perfect incentive system, innovation process, comprehensive culture system and develop strategies of technology development is the self-confidence of business development.

The goal of technological innovation needs to be practiced and completed by all technical staff. We need to stick at it and keep the spirit of never give up before reaching the goal, give full play to the maximize efficiency of resources to ensure the strategic goals to be attained.

All technical staff should understand the situation and lead the detailed management into the management of technological innovation, establish awareness of efficiency, effectiveness, timing and development, establish self-confidence and make technological innovation to be implemented.

2.2 Improving self cultivation

Young people shall improve self cultivation and Taoist, understand the philosophy of life and learn philosophical principles, enhance the abilities of analysis and solving.

Young people shall take up the mission and exercise themselves at start of correct attitude. The right attitude is the right direction. Do effort with sticking in the right direction. Success belongs to those who are prepared.

3. Establishing TMP Group

TMP will fully realize the automation production for extruded geogrid, strengthen and expand geocell and PET continuous filament non-woven geotextile to create the conditions for establishing TMP Group.

TMP will further improve the mechanism of technological innovation and management innovation, promote the detailed management and establish more perfect culture system, try to complete the construction of TMP Group in 3-5 years and achieve a qualitative development.

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