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Delicacy Management is the Company’s Lifeline

Mr. Wang, the company’s General Manger delivered a speech at the morning meeting on May 27th. He required every administrator to think about from the heart that how to conduct the delicacy management. It is necessary and there is more space to conduct the delicacy management for every operating post. To do is better than to say. Management is the company’s lifeline.

Mr. Wang suggested that the Production Department and the Enterprise Management Department should approach more humanized management thoughts and methods to guarantee the security with the coming of the busy farming season. If the Plant Production Executives take the initiative in asking the workers for the advice, adjusting the work schedule and giving enough rest time to the workers, this will not only guarantee the production security, but also help the workers to perform the duty of taking caring of their families. In this way, our team will be more harmonious, and the production security will be guaranteed.

With regard to the problem of the production cost increasing caused by the over wide sheet edge of the 6m line, Mr. Wang instructed that everyone had to start with the management and work dutifully. We should guarantee the products quality as well as take account of the production cost. He expected that all of the production supervisors, technicians and quality control personnel should reinforce the management of the production line’s technology, optimize and refine the technological parameters including every process temperature etc. These persons should analyze the existing problems, and take the realistic and effective measures as soon as possible in order to realize the stabilization of the quality by the normative management.

Mr. Wang pointed that our technology is not so optimized that the production cost will be increased too much along with the tensile strength improving. We can save millions Yuan if we optimize the technology by the delicacy management. This is the necessity of the delicacy management. Mr. Wang hoped that the delicacy management is not merely being spoken, but should to be kept in mind, and more important is to be put into practice of the action and work.

At the end of the speech, Mr. Wang emphasized that our delicacy management is still on the level of doing something only after being asked to do something. The problems are not solved continuously and deeply. The overall taking of the management innovation, institutional innovation and procedural innovation is more important than merely technological innovation to perform the management responsibility in order to realize the prolonged stability or long term mechanism of the company. Mr. Wang expected that the Plant Production Executives should carry out these immediately, and change the former extensive mode of production fundamentally. This will bring more effective management and competitive power to the company. The continuous and long-term development of the company will be realized.

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