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TMP America’s 1st Line Started Production Officially

TMP America’s 1st line started production officially on Sep.9th, 2017, which indicating that Chinese company’s geogrid products gained a place in the USA local manufacturing.

Through the joint efforts of the team that was sent to USA from TMP, the company’s first abroad investment geogrid production line was officially under operation after 5 months’ preparation and equipment installation. This line was made in accordance with the US requirements for manufacturing enterprise. It is a brand new and high automatic production line with higher technology and reliability. Also it adopted direct-fired hot blast heating system and tap water closed-loop cooling & cyclic utilization system. At the same time, according to the US environmental safety standard, the plant was designed with a brand new fire protection system, technology of which was far ahead of the domestic level in the same industry.

The official operation of the investment abroad production line means TMP’s real implementation of the internationalization strategy, a national enterprise has become a multinational corporation, which has further consolidated and enhanced TMP’s leading position in the industry, injected new vitality for the sustainable development of the enterprise.

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