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TMP Successfully Passed the Version-Changing Review of ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System

TMP successfully passed the version-changing review of ISO9001: 2015 quality management system by third-party on July 19th.

The methods of this review is to inquiry, access to document information, and inspect the production site, while the comprehensive review is conduct from the product development, technical preparation, production procurement, product monitoring and equipment testing. The purpose of the review is to inspect the quality management system documentation and the implementation of relevant laws and regulations, find the weak links of management system, and then continue to improve and optimize the company's quality management system. It can ensure the company's quality management system running continuously effective.

The review team affirmed the performance of TMP's quality management system, especially highly approval for the production site management work. Meanwhile they made comments and guidance on rectification requirements and recommendations for the existence of the weak links.

In view of the raised problems, TMP put forward the rectification requirements to the departments, required to analyze the causes of the problems found and formulated measures to correct.

With the help of reviewing, it's further to enhance the departments’ awareness of improving the quality management system, and play a positive role in promoting for transformation and upgrading of quality management system.

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