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Strengthen our conviction, keep innovation, strive for realization of our dream

The new year’s bell is about to ring, and 2014 will soon begin. At this special moment filled with high hopes and expectations, via TMP website and newspaper, I am delighted to represent TMP to express my sincere blessings and best wishes to all TMP employees and friends all over the world.

2013 is destined to be a year to remember. It is a year especially full of importance and joy, a year tough and complicated circumstances in domestic and international market, also a year milestone in TMP history. In this year, TMP held its 15th anniversary celebration; in this year, the strategic conception was defined as rebuilding a brand new TMP in next decade; in this year, new non-woven project was officially launched on Oct, 25th.

In this very unusual and remarkable year, business strategy has been adjusted accordingly with solidarity and determinations. We finally tasted the joy of victory and pride of honor after the rain of hardship.

We have successfully navigated a challenging situation and witnessed many severe tests. The more difficulties we suffered, the more we moved forward. Our work in each aspect has a brilliant performance, too. In the confrontation of unprecedented challenges, the important function of TMP enterprise culture, which served as soft power, further highlighted and created the infinite power. A distinctive team with TMP momentum has been cultivated and to maturity. The brand of CM and TMP has been widely spread, domestic and international market sales have mutually increased. TMP also has a big harvest in technological innovation, the individual line production made record high again and again.

TMP adheres to carry out delicacy management, ERP enrollment to management system, management system patching, process standardization, and work efficiency improvement. Meanwhile, scientific decision-making, workshop wages and working hour reform was implemented, which not only improved efficiency of workshop employees, but substantially increased their incomes. By means of constant technological innovation, technical level has been highly upgraded, which not only consolidate TMP competitiveness, but accelerated enterprise strategic transformation. In Intellectual Property Right, TMP won an initial stage success and defended our dignity, which maintained TMP’s domination in domestic market and silver medal in international market.

Looking ahead the coming 2014, both tough challenges and gold opportunities co-exist. On the one hand, obvious contradiction between small market demand and intensified industrial competition; on the other hand, more governmental investment into civil infrastructural construction and the activation of TMP non-woven project, would provide valuable opportunities for TMP development to become a stronger and better enterprise. We need to strengthen our conviction and keep innovation, focusing on both domestic and international market at the same time, taking good control in non-woven project plan to ensure project quality and make good use of investment returns.

Furthermore, we need to put more efforts in “Fundamental Skills”, continue to develop technological innovation and emphasize delicacy management, and consolidate the foundations for development. TMP will continue to push forward ERP system management and accelerate the construction of standardization systems to upgrade company management, at the same time, develop Intellectual Property Right Registration, building perfect and standard Intellectual Property Right Management System offering protection for domestic and international competition, business risks, development quality and sustainable development.

Our cause is lofty and sacred, our dream beautiful and magnificent, our duty heavy and glorious. Let us maintain high morale, unify our thoughts and energy, to carry on our work steadily. TMP will be loyal to business principle of beginning with integrity, thriving with innovation, make it stronger and better, and make greater contributions for the realization of the dream.

In the end, I sincerely wish TMP flourishing and prosperous. Wish you all happiness, peace and health in the new year.

Xuewen Wang

General Manager

Dec 25th, 2013

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