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Change work attitude, improve work style, practicing enterprise culture

On Oct 14th, 2013, General Manager Mr Wang addressed in the middle-management meeting and emphasized that, managers required to change work attitude, improve work style, and take a good lead in practicing enterprise culture.

Mr Wang pointed out, managers are required to reinforce recognition, and strengthen consciousness of practicing enterprise culture. At present, although our enterprise has achieved a certain competitive advantage, we can never be self-satisfied and over optimistic. Our achievement of today does not mean the success of tomorrow. We will surly be eliminated if we can’t conform to social development trend and keep innovation.

Furthermore, Mr Wang indicated, enterprise sustainable development requires solid work style, healthy cultural atmosphere and complete occupational mentality. A distance still exists between world first grade enterprises and us. Hopefully we will narrow the gap and catch up with them through joint efforts of all staffs.

Everyone needs to start from work attitude, strict with ourselves, work scrupulously, proceed from one point to another, from the surface to the center, look beyond appearance for the essence, learn from experience and self-criticism, self-dissection, advance the ability of analyzing and solving problems, enhance self-professionalism, build brilliant managers team, to promote enterprise and individual sustainable development.

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