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Congratulations on the 19th anniversary of TMP

It’s a great day on June 6, 2017. TMP has been established for 19 years on this day.
The staff create a first-class brand “TMP” by paying the hard work for 19 years. On the occasion of 19th anniversary, TMP carry out the theme sharing activities around the topic on dedication, devotion, thanksgiving during the morning meeting. All staff review the last 19 years hard journey and look forward to the beauty future of TMP.

All staff make concerted efforts and march forward for 19 years. Unity comes from the same values. By the opportunity of 19th anniversary, the staff will deepen the enterprise culture's sense of identity and belonging by cultural history display.

We have got the valuable wealth and heavy responsibility and witnessed yesterday's wind and rain in last 19 years of TMP. Our staff will be on guard against conceit and impetuosity, continue to struggle to further success.


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