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TMP has preliminarily passed the CRCC on-site audit

From August 17 to 19, 2019, a team of five CRCC (China Railway Product Certification Certer) experts came to our company for field verification. During the three-day on-site auditing, all departments worked together, cooperated with each other, worked overtime on their own initiative, and successfully completed the auditing task.

CRCC is a comprehensive review of product realization capability and quality control level, which is known as the most stringent in the world. The chairman and general manager participated in the process of preparing materials and accepting review; While perfecting management documents and records, the Enterprise Management Department guides, assists and supervises other departments to carry out their work; The R&D center worked several overtime till late at night, and the heads of production departments at all levels were all on the front line of trial production. Quality Inspection Department, Purchasing Department, Business Department and Warehouse Manager are also actively involved. It fully demonstrates TMP team's combat ability of not afraid of difficulties, daring to improve, daring to win and being good at winning.

After the review, in view of the ordinary non-conformity items raised by the audit team, our company has asked all departments to rectify as soon as possible, strive to submit the rectification information within 2 weeks, and try to obtain the CRCC certificate as soon as possible.


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