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Congratulations! TMP passed review of 2019 QMS ISO9001:2015

From July 12th to 14th ,TMP accept inspection of 2019 Quality Management System    from CQM (China Quality Mark Certification Group).

Audit Method: Ask TMP employees about the situation;Consulting documents and materials; Inspecting production line.

Audit Content:

a.     Product research and innovate;

b.     Technical support;

c.     Production and procurement;

d.     Product test and facilities maintenance.

Audit Conclusion:

a.Key process is controlled

b.Management control is in place

c.System continues to operate effectively

d.TMP keep on using certification mark

The audit team affirmed the performance of TMP's quality management system, especially gave highly approval for the production site management work. At the same time, they provided comments and guidance on rectification requirements and recommendations for the existence of the weak links.

This audit will play a positive role in improving TMP quality management system,  motivating the employees and enhance the management level.

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