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Company New Year Gala 2016

2016 passes by for a fruitful 2017

2016 ends, 2017 approaches. Taian Modern Plastic’s New Year Gala was held at Workshop One at 8:30am of Jan 25th, with all the company’s staff participating to celebrate Chinese New Year and seek further development.

Our company is to set examples to inspire people. All accomplishments that we have achieved lead us to a better quality team including 3 high performed teams,15 outstanding workers,4 sales winners and 1 extraordinary honorary certificate and cash reward, which inspire the whole workforce.

After the award presenting, all honor receivers were delivering address to express their ambition to reach higher with more excellent work performance.

President Wang therefore drew a conclusion from all the work of 2016 and announced the strategic plan for the upcoming year, stating that 2016 had been difficult and inspiring and with the continued efforts of all TMPers , we have achieved a great progress in terms of corporate management, low hazard rate production, cultural cultivation ,technology innovation. The new 2017 is set to be a more challenging year and we believe that a better TMP will be realized with our continuous hard work and can-do spirit.

From the new start point, TMPers are combined to seek a more stable and healthy development of Taian Modern Plastic.



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