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TMP Successfully Held the “Performance Evaluation Training Camp”

On March 26th -27, "TMP Performance Evaluation Training Camp" was held at Haidai Garden Hotel. Mr. Gan Zhiling from Hongcheng Consulting was  the chief performance consultant. TMP’s General Manager Wang Peng and all the managers attended the training session. The training and practice was conducted for 2 days in the form of group confrontation to show the two ways of the Performance Evaluation, KSF and PPV.

In the course of the training, under the teaching and guidance of the teachers, the members of the TMP group interact and think actively in the atmosphere of active collaboration and team fighting. Finally, according to the comprehensive evaluation, the "vanguard", which is the main financial personnel, won the group first prize. Training activities culminated in the lottery and the presentation session, and ended in a passionate anthem.

This innovative training activity was a new attempt of team learning, which laid a theoretical foundation for building a new allocation mechanism.


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