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2017 New Year Address from Pesident Wang.

TMP’s New Chapter to Write through Our Inseparable Team Efforts

All creatures resurge as Spring returns. On the eve of new year 2017 and on behalf of Taian Modern Plastic Co.,Ltd, I sincerely offer my best regards to our valued domestic & overseas clients, and also extend my gratitude to each of every staff member who has been working painstakingly all year round and to those families that have been supportive.

The soon passed 2016 sees TMP’s steady growth and extraordinary experiences. Our company has endured all the challenges which came from all unexpected aspects including both domestic and international economic climate change. In spite of the skyrocketing manufacturing cost, our production still experiences steady increase compared to that the same period last year. Technology innovation leads to the introduction of automatic feeding and charging system into the whole production line, which improves the standard of automation and working efficiency. All these accomplishments are resulted from the painstaking craftsmanship philosophy and morality & proficiency combined corporate value. Additionally during this year, we stood up against the challenges of anti-dumping and anti-countervailing investigations by U.S. Chamber of Commerce and survived, thanks to the extraordinary effort and spirit of our team.

Challenge comes with opportunity while obstacles and dreams hand in hand. The new year of 2017 is set to be a critical time for dream-fulfilling. Our company will continue to stick to Integrity & Innovation corporate value in a bid to meet our customers’ needs and enormously generate economic profits in good manners. We believe that with our full-hearted service, our business will be uplifted for creating more values for customers and employees.

New Year always embodies new hope and dreams. TMP believes that a new chapter of history will be written with the endless support of both staff members and clients from the globe. Again, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the best of luck to our valued clients and beloved TMP staff.

Xuewen Wang
President of TMP

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