PP Monofilament Fiber is made of 100% polypropylene and it is produced through the process of extruding, stretching, cutting and packing.

Increase the resistance of shrink, crack, impact, friction, seepage, freezing and thawing.
PP Monofilament Fiber is mainly used with performance concrete and mortar applications such as industrial floors, bridge decks, shortcete, loading docks, highway, railway, bridge, swimming pool, pond, ditch, industrial workshop, warehouse and parking lot and so on.
Mixing Process
No need to change the proportion of cement, sand and aggregate. Put cement, aggregate, additive and fiber together, then stir after adding enough water and time for stirring can be prolonged for 2-3 minutes in order to make the compound mix completely. Also it can be mixed evenly with cement and other aggregates in advance, stirring by adding water at worksite before construction.
Generally the recommended amount to add to the concrete is 0.6kg or 0.9 per cubic meter of concrete, the usually dosage in cement is 1.0kg per cubic meter.